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Decorate Your Home With French Daybeds

The French daybed, (lit de repos), is a beautiful addition to any room, bringing the level of sophistication up to new heights. And while most of us think of these pieces in terms of femininity, you might be surprised to know that French daybeds were initially used as resting places for convalescing men. We ladies of course eventually adopted them as a place to be viewed in a state of repose while receiving visitors.

The French daybed is one of the most useful pieces of furniture in any home which has given it a distinguished place the history of furniture design. It provides around the clock serving as a sofa by day for lounging, reclining, or seating and as a comfortable twin bed at night.

Today we are still drawn to this piece and the glamour that accompanies it. That wonderful shapely silhouette will give instant French charm to the room whether your style is Chateau or French Country.

This is my first blog publication in 5 months. Due to an injury and a series of nasty little health problems, I have been sidelined and had to put my health first. Thanks to many of you for your concern and encouragement. All is better so I hope you are as ready for some new posts and lovely images as I am to be publishing them. 

If you are looking for unique furniture for your living room, the French daybed will give your space instant seating as well as instant elegance.

This fabulous piece instantly enhances any room. The French daybed has that remarkably graceful and delicate silhouette we all love.

Since they are sized for one, the French daybed implies leisure time for relaxing and maybe a quick mid-day nap.

They can also be a place for cozy afternoon reads.

via Pinterest

A charming space complete with a French daybed can also act as an impromptu guest room when needed.

No matter how you decide to use them, a room with a French daybed enjoys a level of sophistication that few other pieces of furniture can provide.

French day beds usually have "foot" and "head" boards of equal size.

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The French daybed is a cross between a chaise lounge, couch, and bed, usually resembling a couch more than a bed.

Perfect in the bedroom, living room, or even a hall, this  piece really anchors a room.

If you decide to treat your French daybed like an actual bed, try dressing up the look with a canopy or other curtained treatment.

source unknown

In the 19th century, elegant sofas or daybeds ornately decorated with gilt ornaments and lush draperies were often referred to as “French” beds. I love this fabulous cane version and it's coronet canopy.

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Here is a lovely French daybed with canopy. The look can be very dressy.......

Diane Burn

or casually elegant........

If I were single a French daybed would certainly be my bed of choice.

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The curtain treatment over your French daybed can also be shabby or rustic French farmhouse style.

via Pinterest

If a dash of French country charm is what you desire, a French cane daybed is perfection.

Elissa Cullman

This galvanized daybed looks great in a French Country style home. It would also work well with  French Industrial style.

Do you have a large living space to design around? A daybed is a great addition.

When using your French daybed as a sofa remember to toss on a few lovely pillows. Needlepoint of course!!

A French daybed has the ability to transform a space in a simple but glamorous way. How dramatic is this black upholstered gilt one!

Atlanta Symphony Associates' Decorators' Show House

Gwynn Griffith

I love to see a French daybed floating in the center of the room.

Alexa Hampton

These daybeds are so functional and can disguise an extra bed as an innocent bystander sofa by day.

A French iron daybed is always a plus for a little or big girl's room.

Transform the look of your space by updating to a French daybed for extra seating.

source unknown

Is this not an exceptional French daybed? These pieces are so romantic and feminine. No matter the finish you choose they always take your breath away.

Colorful daybed in the New York apartment of style icon Iris Apfel.

We love the versatility that daybeds offer. They can be used in so many stylish ways.

Victoria Magazine

When I see a romantic French daybed I always think "what tales you could probably tell".

The French daybed is certainly a unique furnishing and I hope this blog post has convinced you to look for one to add to your interiors.

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Decorating With Hot Pink Furniture

If you want some furniture painted in a fun and eye-popping dose of color that can make a even a traditional room feel more modern, hot pink should be at the top of your paint sample. Hot pink is a fabulous color that can be quite elegant as long as you limit it's use in your interior so that it whispers "chic" and doesn't scream "gaudy".

This blog features hot pink furniture and hopefully will convince you that adding a piece will provide a charming and contemporary jolt of energy to your space. The perfect color to blend classic and eclectic styles, hot pink furniture can be that focal point that litterally transforms a room. 

If you are ready for a bold statement in a classy way, think pink.

A piece of hot pink furniture looks chic mixed in with neutrals and other bright colors such as blue and green.

source unknown 

Someone has created a great look with this hot pink chair and grouping of tropical and Chinoiserie pillows.

Hot pink colored furniture and accents can certainly liven up a room. This pink chest of drawers and those fabulous lamps give this space a trendy, youthful feel.

source unknown

If you like classical interiors as I do, you can still incorporate  hot pink furniture. The right piece will bring a modern refreshing to a traditional space while complementing both classic shapes and dark woods.

Even though hot pink is a bold color, a subtle touch will keep it classic.

source unknown

Hot pink is a great pick-me-up color that works on furniture in every room in the house. The bedroom is a great place to start by painting a bed, chest, or side table.

source unknown

A little hot pink can go a long way, so make a statement with one good piece of furniture in a room. This way you won't run the risk of turning the space into Barbie’s Dreamhouse.

Contemporary hot pink furniture looks great in a classic setting.

Or if mid-century modern is your thing, try a set of four hot pink fiberglass chairs by Charles Eames.

Emma Jane Pilkington Interiors

People are enjoying painting and transforming their old furniture like this hot pink vintage desk. If you are crafty why not try your hand at a project that will liven up your interior.

Monika Hibbs

source unknown

There's nothing subtle about hot pink but this bold, brash, beautiful color should never be pigeoned holed as a "Barbie" color for little girls only.

Be sure and don't overdo with this color. One pop and let that be it. Think of hot pink furniture as an exclamation point.

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Hot pink paint provides a stylish twist on an old classic

I adore classic pieces of furniture such as this French fautieul and bombe style commode all dressed up in hot pink. I am a bit more of a classist but would also love to have a home where I could incorporate something this bold.

A funky, eclectic mix of mid-century, contemporary, and classic French pieces. The hot pink sofa is right at home in this fun space. I'm not loving the houndstooth window treatments but give the rest a thumbs up.

Modern and chic, a singular piece of hot pink furniture is perfect if you like the look of a Paris apartment.

via Pinterest

Consider a piece of hot pink furniture to give a much needed burst of energy to a monochromatic space.

via Pinterest

This fresh and bright interior is brought to you by the pink. The color palette of pink, light blue, gray, and white is very nice.

Photo by Frahm Interiors

When used thoughtfully hot pink furniture can look amazingly cool.

Rethink Design Studio

There's nothing subtle about hot pink and a piece of furniture in this bold color will definitely wow you guests!

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

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